Regular Board

Regular board at Harrogate Hills includes:

  • Daily feeding and watering
  • Cleaning of stalls
  • Group turnout

Billed one month in advance - $530.00 plus HST, comes to a total of $598.90.
Please see Board agreement for terms and conditions..

Incidental Board Costs

The following is a list of services and fees that are not covered in the regular board:

  • Blankets ($25.00 monthly)
  • Boots ($25.00 monthly)
  • Individual turnout when available ($30.00 monthly)
  • Farrier ($10.00 per visit). Only applies if the owner chooses to use a farrier other than the farm farrier.
  • Assisting the vet ($10.00 per visit). Waived if the owner is present.
  • Use of the facilities by an outside instructor ($10.00 per hour). Only available when facilities are not in use by Harrogate Hills.