Four Desperate Strangers

Finding four distressed horses was a discouraging and unplanned event for Harrogate Hills. But those troubled horses were not long in our midst before they began to dismiss the darkness we had felt upon finding them. 

Supported by friends, students, professionals, and the greater equine community, all of us at Harrogate Hills could only marvel at the goodness in the hearts of so many people. 

It is our hope that Four Desperate Strangers will provide an illustrative chronicle of our experience, offered in thanks to all the people who helped us help Wellington, Brodie, Vienna, and Hawke.

“This is a heartwarming true story about 4 horses rescued from difficult circumstances. Regardless of an uncertain future with no guarantees, their rescuers were totally dedicated to helping them experience a second chance at life. As word of these horses spread, they would unknowingly elicit kindness and compassion from ordinary people and strangers who contributed to their welfare in various ways. A beautiful story about the bond between animals and people.”

-Amazon Customer

Taking it Back: A Path to Freedom

I wrote this book after re-reading Animal Farm on New Years Eve, 2008. I had always loved that book as a child and remember growing very fond of Benjamin and Boxer when I first read it. 

It was only on a second reading, when in high school, that I appreciated the book for what it really was. Unlike John Reed’s parody of Animal Farm, I wrote this short novel not as satire but as a sequel or follow up to what happened in Orwell’s classic. I was inspired by the Tea Party movement in the United States, and their ardent desire to return the levers of power back to the people. I felt, given the chance, that Benjamin would be smart enough to lead his colleagues to that end as well. 

Taking it back: A Path to Freedom is the story of what happens when free citizens come to believe that liberty is an idea that can be taken for granted. Dedicated to the American Idea. May the light of freedom always shine.