Equine Assisted Psychotherapy at Harrogate

This 4-week emotion regulation group will help young people increase their self awareness by learning to identify and label their emotions. In the process, they will learn to manage anxiety and stress more effectively, and to better understand how emotions, thoughts, and behaviours are connected.

Many insurance companies will cover this program and limited financial assistance through Harrogate may be available.

Benefits Include

  • Improved self-image
  • Increased empathy, assertiveness, stress tolerance
  • Impulse control
  • Identifying and coping with feelings
  • Communication and interpersonal skills
  • Boundary settings
  • Overcoming fears
  • Trust
  • Learning to accept responsibility

For more information, contact Kristine Morton at 289-536-4076 or kristinemortontherapy@gmail.com


“The equine therapy program at Harrogate with Kristine and Meredith was a beautiful experience for my daughter. Both Kristine and Meredith are very warm and compassionate and create such a comforting environment. My daughter looked forward to every session and loved working with the horses. It wasn’t long before I noticed a positive difference in her when regulating her emotions during challenging situations. I highly recommend their program!”
 “My daughter attended the four sessions of equine emotional regulation therapy and loved it. She fell in love with the horses and felt very calm and at ease with both the horses, Kristine, and the whole environment at the farm. She felt understood and was able to learn about not only what is physiologically happening when these big emotions come up but also coping strategies on what to do with them once they arrive. She looked forward to Friday nights when she got to play with the horses and although Kristine was teaching them very important information it felt like fun and that she was just going to play with the horses. I would highly recommend this program to anyone and I know your experience will be as positive as mine.” 

Kristine Morton


Kristine has been providing psychotherapy to youth and families in the community, residential, and hospital settings for more than 15 years. She has a degree in Psychology and Social Work and Masters in Social Work. To accommodate the unique and individual needs of her clients, she has adopted an integrative, evidence-based approach to therapy. She practices from a client and family-centered lens, utilizing both trauma and attachment informed care. She is trained in a multitude of modalities that
include: Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT),
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Self-Regulation (the Shanker method), Narrative Therapy, Behavioural Therapy, and Solution Focused Therapy.

Meredith Parker

Equine Specialist

Meredith started riding at Harrogate Hills Riding School when she was eight years old. She has been teaching lessons since 2014 and her favourite part about teaching is helping riders connect with their equine partners, as well as building resiliency, compassion, and empathy. Meredith is trained in Equine Assisted Learning (EAL). She has seen brilliant transformations in the people who have had the opportunity to spend time with horses.