Lesson Rates

Monthly Packages

(4-5 weeks, depending on the calendar month)

4 Week Months

Beginners (w/ Assistance) Package—-$350.00

Novice and Up Package——————$300.00

5 Week Months

Beginners (w/ Assistance) Package—–$437.50

Novice and Up Package——————$375.00

Per Lesson Rate

Beginners (w/ Assistance) Package——$87.50

Novice and Up Package——————–$75.00

Single Group Lesson

(No Package Discount)

Per Lesson Rate


Novice and Up—-$87.50

Semi-Private Lesson


Private Lesson (45 minutes)



$795.00 per month

Prices include HST

(Ask about our Family Discount)

Lessons are billed monthly, in advance.

Discounted per lesson rates apply only when monthly packages are purchased. Otherwise, single lesson rates apply.

Payment is due upon receipt of invoice, or at the latest, the first lesson of the month.

Statutory Holidays are optional, but Harrogate must be informed in advance of your decision not to attend.

Missed lessons can be made up within thirty days if 24-hour notice is given.

At Harrogate we provide trained, on-the-ground assistants for all our beginner riders. We believe this is the easiest and safest way to learn. We recognize that some schools require beginners to start with private lessons. While this is a perfectly acceptable option, we have found that many children really miss interacting with their peers. Private lessons can also be quite cost prohibitive. The Harrogate system allows our new riders to learn with the comradery of friends, increasing their confidence as they develop basic skills. While three months is usually enough time for young riders to attain a degree of independence, each student’s learning time can be different.