When my daughter first started at Harrogate Hills, I did not expect her to find her 2nd “family”. The people and horses at Harrogate have significantly impacted and changed my daughter’s life. The lessons, skills, and friendships she has developed at Harrogate are nothing short of life changing. Her level of self-confidence, responsibility and perseverance has increased so much. Thank you to Meredith and Pat and all the rest of the “family” at Harrogate Hills for being the most wonderful people. We are truly grateful to be part of this wonderful place.

– Kristine J.

Samantha started at Harrogate Hills when she was just 5 years old and it has become her second home. She has not only learned to ride, care for the horses, the barn, and the equipment, but has learned to be resilient, calm, caring and supportive to others. I couldn’t ask for better lessons and a better place for her to call home.

Her smiles say it all!

– Stacey K.

Harrogate Hills has been an amazing place for my daughter and I! Ellie started riding at HH at 7 years old, and we’ve seen her confidence absolutely blossom because of it. I chose this barn because the horses’ wellbeing is top priority – horses live here forever and riders learn to understand, respect and care for them well. The setup is safe and encouraging for riders of all levels. Everyone has been incredibly welcoming, and we’re so glad to be part of the community here.

– Madi A.

My daughter has been riding at Harrogate Hills Riding School for 2 years now, and we love it! The farm community goes above and beyond to make you feel welcome. Since the day we walked through the doors, we have been surrounded by such an informative, caring, and positive environment. Riding lessons at Harrogate have really boosted my daughter’s sense of confidence, responsibility, and horse knowledge. She looks forward to her riding lessons each week and has really enjoyed the special events organized for students to take part in.

– Jill D.

My daughter Megan has been riding at Harrogate for over 2 years and has blossomed in that time. Kids need a place where they can be themselves and have space to find their confidence. Learning to do the hard things is a lesson that she will carry with her for the rest of her life. She loves the barn and the horses, her teachers, friends, and even throwing the hay! I’m so glad we found Harrogate.

– Sarah M.

Since Chloe started riding at Harrogate Hills, we have seen her confidence and passion for horses grow.  The joy she has gained from riding and the responsibility she has shown in caring for the horses and the barn is beyond what my expectations were when she started riding.  I have seen first-hand the improvement in her patience, perseverance and empathy towards animals that the team at Harrogate work hard to instill.  We are so grateful to be part of the Harrogate Hills family.

– Katie D.

Harrogate Hills has changed my life. My first lesson, I was a nervous 10 year old that had little confidence in my own abilities. So much has changed since then, all of it for the better. I have many new friends who I met at Harrogate Hills, and it’s been so much fun riding, learning, and growing as a person at the barn. I’m forever grateful to everyone that has helped me at the barn, and to all of the horses who have taught me more than I could have ever expected.

– Megan M.

Our daughter Maya has been riding at Harrogate Hills for almost two years now, and she couldn’t be happier about it. What we love is that not only is she learning how to ride horses and care of them, she is also learning so much about herself. In the atmosphere of kindness and acceptance, she is learning about hard work, devotion, love, and loss. She is learning about real life and building skills that are no longer easy to develop elsewhere. Thanks to Pat, her knowledge and love, we have such an extraordinary example that many are following at Harrogate Hills. It’s not only a last home for all of her horses, it’s a loving home. It is a one of a kind place that we can call our second home.

– Zoey R.

Brooke started learning about horses at Harrogate Hills in July 2020 thanks to COVID and has not looked back.  Working with the horses and making great barn friends has improved her grades and fuelled her passion…horses! Prior to attending Harrogate Brooke showed no interest in any activities and had never ridden a horse, now I can’t keep her out of the Barn, it’s wonderful!! 

– Brenda R.

My daughter and I fell in love with Harrogate Hills a few years ago. Harrogate is a magical and rare place where my daughter has learned the value of hard work and perseverance. The instructors teach all the students to see the horse they are riding as their partner, developing their relationship with their horse as their primary focus. Pat and Meredith teach their students so much more than how to ride a horse. Students learn to be kind, well-rounded individuals, who are aware of how their actions affect others, and who are not afraid of hard work. These are lessons that will last throughout their life.

The lesson has become the highlight of our week. The Harrogate team make everyone feel like family and greet everyone with a smile. The warm welcomes combined with the stunning views, fresh air, the loved horses, and the community of people who share our love of the place have made me grateful that Harrogate will forever be a part of my daughter’s childhood memories.

– Allison M.

I think it is great for the students to have a safe, wholesome place they can come where, without realizing it, they turn into responsible, hardworking individuals who know how to ride…

– Janet D.

Harrogate Hills brings out the best in its students…the students are encouraged to be hardworking, independent and to take responsibility for themselves. 

Harrogate hills is a great place to ride and a wonderful place to grow.

– Steve M.

My daughter and I have been riding at Harrogate Hills, with Pat as a coach, for over 17 years. It is a fantastic family experience and we highly recommend it to all.

– Pauline G.

As part of the Harrogate family we have also developed lasting relationships with horses and people.

– Darlene R.

The philosophy of the school revolves around excellent horsemanship. The instruction is clear, and the logic is sound and Pat and her team of coaches do a great job of appealing to their audience regardless of level.

I take pride in riding at a facility where I know the priority will always be the best care possible for the horses and that is why I love riding at Harrogate so much.

– Karen G.

In five short years I’ve watched my daughter develop into a more confident rider, build wonderful friendships and become a compassionate young horse woman…all because we followed a very handsome pony to his forever home.

When my daughter was six, she met the ever handsome pony “Pebbles” and followed him to Harrogate a year later. I had only heard good things about Harrogate’s owner Pat. I was told “she takes great care of her horses and they stay with her during their retirement years.” As an animal lover this is very important for obvious reasons. As a mom of a little rider, this is paramount. Horses that are well cared for and loved are happy and happy horses are generally safer horses.

– Shelly L.