March Break Camps

March Break Camp


This year, our annual March Break camp falls on March 11 – 15March Break camp participants will have a one-hour riding lesson in the morning, while the afternoon is spent with the horses in the barn. Our goal is always to have riders spend as much hands-on time with the horses. Participants will learn about the fundamentals of stable management, how the horse communicates, how to tell if the horse is healthy, and some basic first aid tools for when he’s not. 

Counsellors in Training (CIT) Program


As we all know, horses offer much more to us than just teaching us how to ride. They instill confidence, empathy, resilience, critical thinking, and emotional intelligence. In our ongoing effort to help young people with their personal growth, Harrogate will also be offering our CIT program this March Break! CITs will be immersed in the world of equine management and although it’s a non-riding program, CITs have hours of hands-on experience working with the horses. Through the mentorship provided, participants will learn to lead others as they join in the daily farm tasks. CIT participants will learn the art of effective communication, how to actively listen to others, and ways to treat everyone with empathy and respect. CITs will build on skills that will help nurture a strong foundation for future leadership roles. 

Cost: $575 for the week

Cost: $425 for the week

Registration for March Break Camp and our CIT program can be found below along with a waiver. All registration forms must be accompanied with a completed waiver. Single day and full week options are available.

If you have any questions about either program, don’t hesitate to reach out!