Leader in Training Program

The LIT Program is ideal for young people who are keen to spend their summer with horses while  enhancing their leadership abilities. Because of his intuitive nature, the horse rewards all the traits we seek to instill in young people. In the program, participants will gain a deeper understanding of horses and by extension, of themselves. 
Through experiential learning activities, participants have the opportunity to cultivate a strong foundation for future leadership roles, which they will continue to apply long after their time in the program has ended. 
The LIT program is crafted to help kids develop their own leadership style and maintain a balance of fun and responsibility all while being immersed in hours of hands-on experience with our herd. 
The challenges that some children have been experiencing, especially in the last few years, have been very apparent to us. It was with that in mind that we decided to create this program. It is primarily dedicated to bringing out the best in youth by inviting them to connect with our horses. 
Harrogate Hills has been in the business of teaching people how to ride since 1985. Over the last four decades, we have been amazed at horses’ positive impact on people, particularly young people. The rewarding updates we receive from parents and teachers have continued to validate our belief that the skills the horse teaches are transferable to life outside of the riding school.
It was from this thought that the Harrogate Leader in Training program was born. 
We hope you’ll join us.
P.S. Because our LIT program is a non-riding program, no previous experience is required. A love for animals is the only prerequisite.

Please contact us for more information about Harrogate’s LIT program.

Personal Learning Goals

  • Engage in active listening by taking into account the perspective of others
  • Practice problem-solving when presented with potentially unsafe scenarios
  • Build self-awareness by discussing their own strengths and weaknesses
  • Understand different leadership styles and how they impact daily interactions
  • Enhance healthy verbal and nonverbal communication skills 
  • Practice teamwork skills by providing insight into group interactions
  • Build resilience by expanding personal comfort zones
  • Encourage empathy by staying mindful of the needs of others
  • Improve impulse control by modeling appropriate behavior 
  • Develop a strong work ethic and practice suitable assertiveness in different situations
  • Build self-confidence by honing in on participants unique gifts and skills 

Practical Equine Learning Goals

  • Identify signs of health in a horse
  • Understand basic equine first aid
  • Identify common illnesses in horses, their causes, symptoms, and treatment
  • Understand the horses’ dietary needs
  • Demonstrate how to take the horses’ vital signs
  • Identify basic parts of the horse
  • Understand the horses’ field of vision
  • Recognize causes and signs of lameness in horse
  • Understand basic equine body language
  • Identify safety rules in the barn, in the paddocks, and in the arena
  • Understand the need for proper stable management
  • Understands how to identify good hay vs bad hay
  • Understand how to properly groom a horse, and what to check the horse for while grooming
  • Demonstrate how to safely lead and handle horses
  • Demonstrate ability to tie a quick release knot
  • Identify the types of equipment used on horses and their purpose
  • Demonstrate an understanding of how to lunge (exercise the horse from the ground)
  • Identify stress/pain signals in the horse