Counsellors in Training Program at Harrogate

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This year, we are introducing our CIT (Counsellors in Training) program at Harrogate! CIT’s will get the opportunity to learn the inner workings of the farm, while still joining in on the fun of a full camp day. 

CIT’s can expect to deepen their understanding of the care and management of horses, equine first aid, common lameness and health issues, and equine nutrition.

In addition to the horsemanship knowledge that CITs acquire, they will also build their skills in leadership, responsibility, empathy, effective communication, teamwork, self-awareness, and problem solving.

What to expect:

  • 8:00am-4:00pm
  • CITs will be responsible for helping with the morning barn chores (includes scrubbing water buckets, dumping wheelbarrows, ensuring the aisles are swept and safe for students and horses, etc.)
  • Once campers arrive, CITs will help make the Harrogate environment as welcoming as possible
  • CITs will assist campers in grooming and tacking up their horses, sharing their knowledge to ensure both campers and horses are kept happy and safe
  • CITs will join campers to learn theory lessons in the afternoon
  • CITs will receive a daily assessment sheet that will help them track their progress throughout the week

The CIT program will be running for 10 days (July 3rd – 7th and July 10th – 14th). One week or both week options are available. 

Please note: The CIT program does not include any riding.